What products are used?
products used on the day will be which ever product you have booked in for. we offer the highest quality products for each treatment
How long do i need to wait for maintenance?
this all depends on an individual. you can have a maintenance appointment within 6 weeks of your first appointment. however, please note filler is a buildable product and depending on an individuals desire you may need a few sessions to achieve the look you want.
How old do i have to be to have a treatment?
as much as we understand growing up feels a lifetime, we do only offer filler treatments to 18+
we do ask for id for anyone that looks younger so please bring proof of id to your appointment
How long will the treatment take?
usually we aim for 30 mins. please be aware some treatments can run over and we do apologise for this in advanced!
Do i need to pay a deposit?
i do require a £50 deposit on the day of booking a treatment if the treatment
*all deposits are non refundable*
Does it matter if I'm late?
yes, unfortunately if you're 10 minutes late you will lose your appointment, however i understand some things can't be helped and i will happily try to re arrange your appointment if you contact myself 24 hours before the treatment
How long will my filler last for? 
filler durability depends on each individual. several sessions may be needed to achieve your desired look/result. each person needs to take into account their lifestyle and own anatomy. every person is different and filler is a buildable product. wishface will help build your desired look but patience is key!
Does the treatment hurt?
we use numbing cream for each treatment. we also use filler with lidocaine for the extra numbness throughout your visit! we do aim to make it as painless as possible, however everyone handles pain differently. 
What do I need to know after having my treatment?
looking after the area treated is key! once you leave, it's totally up to you to do as advised by Wishface. lumps and nodules can occur and are very frequent occurrences but they are absolutely nothing to worry about! they usually go away on their own.
​we advise for 24 hours- no makeup on the treated area, no massaging (this can cause unwanted bruising within the first 24 hours of treatment), no exercising, saunas, hot tubs, sunbeds.
swelling can last up to two weeks along with any bruising. drink plenty of water as hydration is key. 
Can I dissolve my filler, does it hurt and how long will it take to see results?
yes! the great thing about filler is it can be dissolved. Wishface uses a product called hyaluronidase which is a natural occurring product in the body. hyaluronidase breaks down fillers.
everyone's pain tolerance is different. lips have a huge number of nerve endings which may make the dissolving of lip fillers more uncomfortable to other parts of the body. dissolving filler isn't exactly pain free, but it all depends on each individual.​
without hyaluronidase, fillers are metabolised by the body over the period of 3-24 months.
with hyaluronidase the filler can be dissolved almost instantaneously but usually 2-3 days. the healing process may take longer as swelling can occur along with redness and soreness.
you can have an additional treatment of hyaluronidase within 2 weeks of the first treatment.