Customer Reviews

"I genuinely cannot stress enough how much confidence you and your work has given me. The constant compliments I receive. The way I feel about myself. I'm so glad I was introduced to you, I honestly would never go to anyone else."
Ashleigh C
"Before I got my lips done I wasn't confident at all and didn't like smiling as my top lip was so small, they had no definition and no cupids bow. People would comment saying my bottom lip was too big for my top lip. I went through a break up and decided to get them done. This was the best decision ever! all thanks to the amazing wishface I have become more confident and actually like smiling, 2ml later I'm in love. Her work is actual magic!"
Emily T
"I can't thank you enough!!! I absolutely love them and you done an amazing job!! and thanks for keeping me calm!! xxxxxx"
Chloe B